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Hottest 100

In my last post I reviewed the top ten beers in Australia as voted by the bleakest gronks of the country – that is, the majority of Australians. So, it seems only fair this time to try the top ten as voted by another, differently insufferable slice of the population. Not to sound too much…

Australia’s Favourites

So something I’ve been meaning to get around to since… one of the lockdowns, I forget which, is sampling and reviewing Australia’s Favourite Beers. Not as judged by a poll so unregulated and highly influenceable (and therefore ultimately meaningless) as the Hottest 100, but by something that TNG fans have been clamouring for since the…

Café Entropie du Societé

Well, we survived the year of the Wiggles. Barely. With 2022 behind us and lockdowns in the distant rearview mirror, the pandemic carries on but we… just don’t seem to care anymore. I mean, our government is still side-eyeing China, calling to implement stricter testing and border controls on everyone who has so much as…

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