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Hybridism is the new perfection.             There was a time, it seems, when there were clearly defined goal lines, and success meant hitting those goals. Culinarily speaking, that is. Well and good. There are still a lot of examples of this in the world today. The best examples, to me, seem to come from FrenchContinue reading “Hybridism”

Trojan Horses

Sometimes, something will simply float through your defences. You’re ready to go, you’re forewarned and thus forearmed, and you know what you’re about to experience. But just occasionally, something you think you have a pretty good handle on will sneak through your defences and blindside you. Take, for example, Watership Down. Ostensibly, it’s a bookContinue reading “Trojan Horses”

Canventional Christmas

Until this year, I had never had an advent calendar in my life. They seemed like fun, but they just weren’t something we did. We were neither religious nor, frankly, a typical family and we simply didn’t observe the tradition. Which is a pity, because those small traditions are the things that people truly lookContinue reading “Canventional Christmas”

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