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Sharing is Caring

The common refrain in any discussion about good food or good beer is that it is a joy best shared. I think this is true, for the most part – with precious few exceptions, every amazing meal I’ve had was shared with my partner or friends. Likewise, I don’t tend to remember having my world…

Victoria Bitter VX, CUB

The first thing you’ll notice – beside the fact that the Jade Elixir has gone red, presumably with anger or with the effort of trying to keep up with an evolving market that is pulling ever further away from the olde-worlde manly-man ideal that VB still pushes so hard – is the adorable tiny grenade…

Hottest 100

In my last post I reviewed the top ten beers in Australia as voted by the bleakest gronks of the country – that is, the majority of Australians. So, it seems only fair this time to try the top ten as voted by another, differently insufferable slice of the population. Not to sound too much…

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