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Rediscovery has been much on my mind of late. Old friends, old favourites, old interests; rediscovered pleasures are rare jewels. Recently, I have begun reading again for the first time in a while. This may come across as incongruous, from someone who writes. The written word is all, surely? Well, yes – in a wayContinue reading “Rediscovery”


Do you ever think about the between-places? The ones that separate Here from There, or Then from Now? Artists and other creatives love them for their potential, and fantasists and magical realists can spin wonderful tales of soft places in the world where the fabric of reality is thin. Such places exist within each ofContinue reading “Liminality”

Death to Tyrants

The End of the Tyranny of Choice I have previously written about the difficulty presented in making a choice from the vast sea of options we find in front of us these days. I have exhorted you to embrace the chaos and lean into the confusion, to learn and rejoice in learning and perform yourContinue reading “Death to Tyrants”

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