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Opportunism vs Selectivism

In conversation with my partner the other day, she asked me the simple question ‘what is your favourite chocolate bar?” I think I surprised both of us by not really having an answer. Well, not having a satisfying answer – my response was “I usually just get whatever’s on special.” It was true when IContinue reading “Opportunism vs Selectivism”

Glass Class

                The first time I truly saw the difference that glassware can make to the flavour of a beer was a little over ten years ago. I was living with a friend of mine and, at the end of a long bottling day, I had come home with a couple of staffies* of a pepperberryContinue reading “Glass Class”

Flying Blind

Babu Ji Lager Cavalier Brewing A unique opportunity to experiment with beer tasting presented itself the other week: tasting it while robbed of that particular sense by Covid. There’s a great deal of complexity around what actually constitutes the sense of taste – it’s not just a catalogue of mentally registered flavours, a cerebral RolodexContinue reading “Flying Blind”

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