Thai Coconut Mussels

This is a very generous serve for 2 people, decent for 3, or as a starter for 4. You will have a lot of broth left over, which is especially delicious the next day. Try making it into a noodle soup by adding some noodles and veg, and your choice of protein/s.


1/2tsp sesame oil

1/2tsp mustard seed oil

1tsp vegetable oil

1 long red chilli, sliced – part reserved for garnish

2 spring onions, sliced – part reserved for garnish

About half a head of garlic – 6ish cloves, diced

A thumb joint of ginger, finely chopped

The tender white part of 1 stalk of lemon grass, sliced finely – save the tough outer leaves for adding to infuse the broth

The roots of a bunch of coriander, washed and finely chopped

1tbsp ground black pepper

About 15 fresh curry leaves


500ml veggie stock

Can of coconut milk

Juice of one lime, keep 1 juiced half to chuck in the broth

Approx. 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar

Half tablespoon of light soy

Good glug of fish sauce, perhaps 1-2 tbsp

1tbsp oyster sauce

Little lump of rock sugar, approx. 1tbsp (brown or palm would also be fine)

1 cinnamon/cassia bark stick

1 star anise

The rest of the lemongrass stalk, bashed and tied in a knot


1kg mussels, bearded and cleaned

About a handful of torn and roughly chopped coriander, washed for stirring through at the end – reserve a few whole leaves for garnish

Heat a large pan, add the mustard seed, sesame and vegetable oil. When it is nice and hot, add your aromats, and cook until tender and fragrant. Once done, add the broth ingredients and, stirring, bring to a gentle simmer. Leave, covered, for about half an hour. This is where I cleaned and debearded the mussels, to really give the broth time to develop and integrate its flavours. If you let the broth simmer for a little longer than half an hour, that’s fine – gives everything a chance to deepen its flavours a little.

After about half an hour, add your cleaned mussels to the pan. Stir through the broth, cover, and agitate the pan from time until the mussels are all cooked and open. Should take 5-10 minutes. If you can, remove the star anise, cinnamon/cassia bark stick, lemongrass knot, and half lime. Stir through the chopped coriander and serve. Garnish with the reserved red chilli slices and spring onion, and the whole coriander leaves.

Best served with steamed rice, and steamed greens such as bok choi or green beans. The rice will soak up the broth and create a delicious sort of soup.

Note: Adjust your levels of chilli up or down as you see fit – this is quite mild and could definitely stand the addition of more chilli, or even some chilli oil at the end.

4 thoughts on “Thai Coconut Mussels

  1. Delicious it sounds. I will definitely try this one. How about that lovely recipe you made D and me when we visited: cute buns + duck + pork + beautiful chilli oil and some other delicious things?


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