The Can in the Hand

No Thanks, I’m Sweet Enough

Fruited Coffee Sour

Range Brewing

The sun did not shine.

It was too wet to play.

So we sat in the house

All that cold, cold wet day.

I sat there with Martha.

We sat there, we two.

And I said “I know,

I’ll crack us a brew!”

I hemmed and I hawed,

Much fro-ing and to-ing.

And at last picked a can

From Brisbane’s Range Brewing.

On paper it’s perfect.

Soured beer, fruit, and coffee!

The best things in life

If you’d got the list off me!

The pimplemousse hue

Leaves me feeling delighted.

The thought of these flavours

Has me quite excited.

It pours like pink grapefruit,

Though sometimes looks coral-y.

And once it has settled

I administer orally.

It’s aroma is coffee.

And though not mush else;

Some feeble wee fruit notes

Give their subtle smells.

With nothing left for it

The time came to sip!

To unzip my lip

And let the beer tip!

The first taste is coffee.

The second as well.

The last one is too.

The same as the smell!

A hot day might suit it

If you drink it quite fast.

But when you sip slowly

It’s hard to look past

How the joe mutes it all –

The lovely, light sour.

Raspberry and cherry

Dont have any power.

Like a shot of espresso

Dropped from a height

In raspberry lemonade

It’s just not quite right.

Though cold brewed, the coffee

Was just far too strong.

And the resulting beer

Just tastes somehow…wrong.

The sheer roastiness

Just doesnt quite fit.

The flavours just don’t





             ly sit.

That roast adds some smoke

To a crisp and sour beer

That feels quite unwelcome –

You’re not welcome here!

Bright fruit might suit

The one or the other.

Cold-brew or beer

But here it gets smothered.

It seems like it might

Be lovely alone.

The sour of the beer,

And the fruit on its throne.

But the guest they invited

Just started to stink.

The base brew’s delicious

Just imbalanced – I think.

It might even be cracking –

A tangy light sour.

All light and fruity

Not grainy or dour.

The crisp, subtle wheat sour

The delicate fruiting;

But in barges coffee

Like truffle pigs rooting.

So the flavours that mingle

And start to get flirty,

Lose their unique strengths

And end up tasting dirty.

It’s like there are three points

And two can be friends.

But all three together

Is where that all ends.

The fruit in the cold brew

‘Delightful!’ I say.

And the fruit in the sour beer

<chef kiss> Cheers! Sante!

And coffee in beer

Can be quite a treat.

But all three together…

Well, I start to repeat.

And this is surprising

For Range is quite great.

The rest of their beers

I really do rate.

And though I’m not praising

It’s not all that bad.

It’s quite a refresher,

The more that you’ve had.

For though it is one-note

(In flavour and scent)

It goes down quite easy

At 5.4%

So if you like your coffee

Like I like my tea

Then this brew is for you

But alas, not for me

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