Opportunism vs Selectivism

In conversation with my partner the other day, she asked me the simple question ‘what is your favourite chocolate bar?” I think I surprised both of us by not really having an answer. Well, not having a satisfying answer – my response was “I usually just get whatever’s on special.” It was true when IContinue reading “Opportunism vs Selectivism”

Why We Do What We Do

or: Self-Reflexive Hollywood Bullshit Here’s a question for you: why do you do the things that you do? And I’m not going to try to delve into the evolutionary biological roots of that. In one sense, there are answers to that question that are stultifyingly complex and yet also, ultimately useless. But when we haveContinue reading “Why We Do What We Do”

Where Everybody Knows Your name

This blog is written in front of a live studio audience I have been thinking recently about places, both primary and liminal, and their importance in our lives. This sort of thing is old hat to some – from what I understand, it’s all that architects talk about when they get together for a fewContinue reading “Where Everybody Knows Your name”

I don’t know and I don’t care

On Ignorance, or Apathy There is a bit of sophistry that goes something like this – humans typically have two arms. However, given such things as birth anomalies, amputations, accidents etc a lot of people have only one, or even no arms at all. Therefore, the average number of arms on any human you meetContinue reading “I don’t know and I don’t care”

“Forbidden Fruit… Juice”

Script Submitted to the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, written by Rod Serling, adapted from an original blog post titled… Primal Stream Wild Ale Blended NEIPA Garage Project Ext. An outdoor table on a balcony, day Introduction plays. NARRATOR You open this can with a ring-pull of imagination. Inside it is another dimension – a dimensionContinue reading ““Forbidden Fruit… Juice””