High (ABV) Fidelity

Be Kind, Rewind DDH IPA Mountain Culture My desert-island, all-time, top five most memorable IPA styles, in order:                 1) DDH IPAs                 2) Classic IPAs                 3) NEIPAs                 4) WCIPAs                 5) BIPAs These are the ones that really hit the spot. Can you see your style on that list, English IPAs? IContinue reading “High (ABV) Fidelity”

Biggles Cops a Frothy!

Short Round DDH Session IPA Mr Banks In the light-haze that pressed against the inkwell black skies over sub-sub-sub-tropical Melbourne, Flight Commander James Bigglesworth, better known to his friends as Biggles, approached the airstrip. It was pitch black and the landing lights twinkling along the makeshift runway of the hidden airbase were torches lit uponContinue reading “Biggles Cops a Frothy!”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood and Sand

Upon legal advice, I have included the following disclaimer: For the intents and purposes of this blog, this parody depicts characters of legal drinking age where you come from – and this might be the least distressing Harry Potter blog post or fanfic you’ll ever read with those words at the start. Blood and SandContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood and Sand”

Scottie’s Soapbox

Hot take: There’s no such thing as ‘I don’t like beer.’                 I will readily accept ‘I don’t drink’ or any of its variations, or ‘I am passionate about/prefer ____’, but ‘I don’t like beer’ is just one of those statements that doesn’t make sense anymore.                 That’s because there is no one ‘beer’ anymore.Continue reading “Scottie’s Soapbox”

A Visit From St. Knickerless

Botanical IPA Mountain Goat Beer ‘Twas some day after Christmas, but not yet New Years, And our Premier’d told us to “get on the beers”. So our bottle bins clink, and rattle, and clank While the other bin reeks of that old-prawn-shell stank. ~ We’d all played our role as Christmas gift-givers, Filled up ourContinue reading “A Visit From St. Knickerless”

The Slabberwocky

Barrel Aged Sour Honey Mesquite Golden Ale Dollar Bill Brewing ~ ‘Twas brillig, and the silver can                 Did gyre and gimble in the hand. All mimsy were the sour fans,                 And thirsty I did stand. ~ Rose gold in hue, and through and through                 The ring-pull top went snicker snack! Pour andContinue reading “The Slabberwocky”

Campbell’s Tinnies

In the craft beer community, there is a thing called the ‘Craft Beer Journey’.* In essence, it is the evolution and development of the individual punter’s taste away from mass produced, macro-brewery fare – mostly lagers – to smaller, craft-oriented product. From not drinking at all, to drinking what’s available, to exploring and cataloguing experienceContinue reading “Campbell’s Tinnies”