Blank Canvas Vegetable Soup

Ingredients: 3 Carrots 1 onion 4 stalks celery ¼ butternut pumpkin 2 potatoes 1 cup shredded cabbage 2-4 cups spinach and kale Large handful of parsley Chicken stock to cover (approx. 1lt, will vary depending on the size of your pan and its contents) Salt and pepper, to taste Olive oil Slice and sauté carrots,Continue reading “Blank Canvas Vegetable Soup”

American Psycho-Conspirators

The Imposter West Coast IPA Co-Conspirators In the cold grey light of a November afternoon, this is what my apartment looks like. The ceiling and walls are white, with a wooden floor and a gumball red door. The wood is Australian hardwood. There is an American walnut table, designer, with four chairs that don’t matchContinue reading “American Psycho-Conspirators”

A Selection of Passages from the Beerble, to Salve the Immortal Soul

Philly Sour Sunshine Sour Molly Rose brewing Todays readings will both come from Peter and Gabriel, and Phillip from the Book of Genesis, Genesis: MCMLXXV 1. In the beginning, brewers created the beer and the glass. 2. Now the beer was flavourless, and the glass was empty, flatness was over the body of the beer,Continue reading “A Selection of Passages from the Beerble, to Salve the Immortal Soul”

Sonnet No. 14

Shall I compare thee to a Summer Ale?                   Thou art more hoppy on my front palate.               Brewers do take the resin’d cones wholesale        And shape body, and nose, most delicate.               Sometimes too dank the feel of IPA                         And oft its gold’n subtlety is lost                              And from numb’d lips a voice is forced to say       Continue reading “Sonnet No. 14”