The Can from (North of) Snowy River

Double Red IPA

Mountain Culture

There was movement on the table as the can was passed around

As a beer from Mountain Culture was procured

And was transferred to some glasses, two for you and me to pound,

So the can was cracked and jarrah red it poured.

The head, too, was ochre red, though brownness there shone through

Light coruscating, dancing on the glass;

It was a big and heady brew not just flavour but booze too,

At 8% it could put me on my arse.

The beer gave off a nice herbaceous, grassy kind of smell

In this can of browns like 70’s décor

The flavour of the liquorice gelled with burnt caramel,

While the bitterness lingered and grew more.

And a little bit of overflow trickled down on my hand

As the bitterness engulfed the aniseed,

I didn’t want to waste a single drop from this good brand

And carried on at an unhurried speed.

And the richness of the mouthfeel brought on by the candied malt

Carries off the well-hopped intensity

And so a balance there was struck without a single fault

Save the loss of tropical ubiquity.

For the tropical note was there, though it was but very light

Far more so than in all other beers these days

So it gave me not a small degree of unalloyed delight

To see beer still getting made in other ways.

If you’ve ever had that Swedish liquorice that’s quite intense

You will recognise an echo of it here

As the sweetness and the bitterness and aniseed commence

To alchemise and mingle in this beer.

The steinbeer candy flavours and the hoppy fruitiness

Combine to create something else again

Squeezing all the good things from out of the standard, more or less

Combination of water, yeast, hops and grain.

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