The Can from (North of) Snowy River

Double Red IPA Mountain Culture There was movement on the table as the can was passed around As a beer from Mountain Culture was procured And was transferred to some glasses, two for you and me to pound, So the can was cracked and jarrah red it poured. The head, too, was ochre red, thoughContinue reading “The Can from (North of) Snowy River”


Common Denominator ‘Modern’ IPA Range Brewing ~ I drank a traveller from a stickered can Who said “6.9% IPA”; White head on honeyed amber, quite to plan, Scented with tropical fruit, once again – More fresh passionfruit, bitter orange than The strawberries, just hidden at the back. Rich malt holds up the hops, so redolentContinue reading “Ozycandias”

Rime of the New Lachancea

Resting Place Hoppy Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale Slow Lane Brewing There is a new kid on the block, That’s present in this brew; A yeast that sours and ferments beer (And bret is in there too.) . Its effervescent head is white, Its body is marigold, It has a little haze as well And slakesContinue reading “Rime of the New Lachancea”

A Visit From St. Knickerless

Botanical IPA Mountain Goat Beer ‘Twas some day after Christmas, but not yet New Years, And our Premier’d told us to “get on the beers”. So our bottle bins clink, and rattle, and clank While the other bin reeks of that old-prawn-shell stank. ~ We’d all played our role as Christmas gift-givers, Filled up ourContinue reading “A Visit From St. Knickerless”

The Slabberwocky

Barrel Aged Sour Honey Mesquite Golden Ale Dollar Bill Brewing ~ ‘Twas brillig, and the silver can                 Did gyre and gimble in the hand. All mimsy were the sour fans,                 And thirsty I did stand. ~ Rose gold in hue, and through and through                 The ring-pull top went snicker snack! Pour andContinue reading “The Slabberwocky”

Sonnet No. 14

Shall I compare thee to a Summer Ale?                   Thou art more hoppy on my front palate.               Brewers do take the resin’d cones wholesale        And shape body, and nose, most delicate.               Sometimes too dank the feel of IPA                         And oft its gold’n subtlety is lost                              And from numb’d lips a voice is forced to say       Continue reading “Sonnet No. 14”

The Odyssour

Imperial Mango Compass Sour Braeside Brewing Sing to me of the can, Muse, the can of mangoes and tartness Driven time and again into my mouth, once plundered from the hallowed heights of the fridge. Many adjuncts did it contain and learned their uses, many flavours it blended, in the open glass, fighting for deliciousnessContinue reading “The Odyssour”

The Kaiju

Betlegeuse Double Red Ale Kaiju Once upon an arvo sunny, while I tried to stretch the money, That I’d received from my redundancy some several months before– In the park I sat, while sipping, on a beer I’d kept from ripping, Till I had a glass for tipping, tipping from the can to pour. “TisContinue reading “The Kaiju”

Harmonious Reflection of Booze on Kitchen Table on a Spring Evening

The Agent IPA Co-Conspirators Brewing This collection of haiku from an anonymous author is commonly attributed to Bashō during his Ipa period, when a plague caused the cessation of commerce and entertainment, and the usual operations of urban life. For his inspiration as an artist he was forced to look inwards, shunning the glittering socialContinue reading “Harmonious Reflection of Booze on Kitchen Table on a Spring Evening”