Scottie’s Soapbox 3: Soap Hard with a Vengeance

5 Treasures Beer or The 5 Great Delights of Beer:                 My good friend, Frankie Framing-Device asked me the other day why I like beer. What is it actually about beer that I enjoy? The obvious answer might be the taste, but I remember a young boy sitting with his mate chatting about beer andContinue reading “Scottie’s Soapbox 3: Soap Hard with a Vengeance”

Scottie’s Soapbox 2: Even Soapier

            They say that the sense most strongly associated with memory is smell. And I have experienced this – standing on the escalator at Parliament Station with the scent of burning train brake-pads in my nostrils, I had my consciousness slammed twenty years back into the previously murky recesses of my 6 year old self,Continue reading “Scottie’s Soapbox 2: Even Soapier”

Scottie’s Soapbox

Hot take: There’s no such thing as ‘I don’t like beer.’                 I will readily accept ‘I don’t drink’ or any of its variations, or ‘I am passionate about/prefer ____’, but ‘I don’t like beer’ is just one of those statements that doesn’t make sense anymore.                 That’s because there is no one ‘beer’ anymore.Continue reading “Scottie’s Soapbox”

Campbell’s Tinnies

In the craft beer community, there is a thing called the ‘Craft Beer Journey’.* In essence, it is the evolution and development of the individual punter’s taste away from mass produced, macro-brewery fare – mostly lagers – to smaller, craft-oriented product. From not drinking at all, to drinking what’s available, to exploring and cataloguing experienceContinue reading “Campbell’s Tinnies”

Sonnet No. 14

Shall I compare thee to a Summer Ale?                   Thou art more hoppy on my front palate.               Brewers do take the resin’d cones wholesale        And shape body, and nose, most delicate.               Sometimes too dank the feel of IPA                         And oft its gold’n subtlety is lost                              And from numb’d lips a voice is forced to say       Continue reading “Sonnet No. 14”