Harmonious Reflection of Booze on Kitchen Table on a Spring Evening

The Agent


Co-Conspirators Brewing

This collection of haiku from an anonymous author is commonly attributed to Bashō during his Ipa period, when a plague caused the cessation of commerce and entertainment, and the usual operations of urban life. For his inspiration as an artist he was forced to look inwards, shunning the glittering social and artistic circles of the city and electing instead for casual wanderings and quotidian reflection. Chief of interest during this period were his observations upon the complexities and paradoxical simplicities of beer and its many styles. This collection, dubbed Harmonious Reflections of Booze on Kitchen Table on a Spring Evening contains his collected musings on The Agent, arranged for ease of reading here in chronological order, though not necessarily in the order penned.

This collection has garnered some notoriety, if not outright controversy for its short length, and its uncharacteristic focus on a single can of beer, rather than the more usual nature themes typically exhibited in the work of the artist. This curation will allow you to come to your own conclusions. But it does convey exactly as much information as is necessary to allow an emotional journey from the reader, evocative of simpler times and more beer filled glasses – a hallmark of the master himself.


The sun disappears

Oppressive heat turns to rain

Time for a beer, no?

Fuchsia orange can         

At once new and familiar


Though it pours quite clear,

More amber than its label

The foam fades away

A visitor calls

Coats the palate, front and back

First fruit, then the hops

You’d swear it was real

Orange, lemon, lime, stonefruit;

But it’s only hops                                                                            

Light bodied and bright

As sweet as a stick of rock

After, bitterness

Taste of summer peach

Between citrus and the dank

Refreshing; resin

What a cracking beer

If you like your IPA

Dank and citrusy

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