American Psycho-Conspirators

The Imposter West Coast IPA Co-Conspirators In the cold grey light of a November afternoon, this is what my apartment looks like. The ceiling and walls are white, with a wooden floor and a gumball red door. The wood is Australian hardwood. There is an American walnut table, designer, with four chairs that don’t matchContinue reading “American Psycho-Conspirators”

Harmonious Reflection of Booze on Kitchen Table on a Spring Evening

The Agent IPA Co-Conspirators Brewing This collection of haiku from an anonymous author is commonly attributed to Bashō during his Ipa period, when a plague caused the cessation of commerce and entertainment, and the usual operations of urban life. For his inspiration as an artist he was forced to look inwards, shunning the glittering socialContinue reading “Harmonious Reflection of Booze on Kitchen Table on a Spring Evening”