Rime of the New Lachancea

Resting Place

Hoppy Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale

Slow Lane Brewing

There is a new kid on the block,

That’s present in this brew;

A yeast that sours and ferments beer

(And bret is in there too.)


Its effervescent head is white,

Its body is marigold,

It has a little haze as well

And slakes my thirst with cold.


It smells like plums and apricots

And also bubblegum,

It looks good sitting in the glass,

Now; get into my tum.


‘Tis sour and fresh right up the front

But quickly turns from fruit–

As sourness soars to savouriness,

And finishes quite brut.


The dryness is not unpleasant

(Aggressive as it is)

The saline savoury elements

Are urged on by the fizz.


The malt bill holds it all in hand–

The hops restrained, not zany,

With yeasty funk and acid too

That leaves it not too grainy


The malt profile is classic sour,

Vienna, pils, flaked wheat;

But hoppy presence in this beer

Is what makes it such a treat.


For most oft they’re not in this style

Of lightly-soured beer,

But now they can be thanks to this

New yeast called lachancea.


A strain that eats all simple carbs

The brewers can supply,

Transmuting booze and acid too,

And leaving it quite dry.


Along with that, you have the bret

That also adds some dryness,

Along with funk and fruit and such

To fancy gullet liners.


It adds less barnyard than it can

And shows some big restraint,

For when it overtakes the brew

It can cause funky taint.


The fruitèd notes are interesting,

For there’s none in the beer–

Some comes from yeast, the rest from hops

No extra fruit in here.


And yet it tastes quite tropical

(You’ll see just what I mean)

Passionfruit and nectarine,

Fresh acid fruit galore;

Lemon, pear and pineapple,

Then dryness; fruit no more.


The acid lies not on the tongue

Long enough to spoil the fun

And, vinegary, cause pulse to run,

But provides counterpoint;

To fix both fruit and savoury brut

With necessary joint.


So sweet, and briny, sour and dry,

And fruity, funky, hops–

Though almost paradoxical

Is how I’d class this drop.


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