Common Denominator

‘Modern’ IPA

Range Brewing


I drank a traveller from a stickered can

Who said “6.9% IPA”;

White head on honeyed amber, quite to plan,

Scented with tropical fruit, once again –

More fresh passionfruit, bitter orange than

The strawberries, just hidden at the back.

Rich malt holds up the hops, so redolent

Perfumed and oily, causing tongue to smack;

 The hops are like some long, impassioned kiss

And lingering long, as it was surely meant

Lapped in waves with each new sip, the mild fizz

 Abruptly turns from sweet juice to savour

Ah, but of course, well hopped as this one is

It comes back to end with fruited flavour.

If nothing of more import needs doing

This beer says “fruit with quinine bitterness;

Here now, from Brisbane, we are Range Brewing

Look on our beers, ye thirsty, and say ‘yes’!”

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